Poem of the Day 10/15/21

If I linger in the doorway,

Will you awake?

Will you call out my name,

Call me back to you?

Will you turn me back from the day,

Back to the dim light of our quiet home?

Or will I simply linger a moment

In the silence, alone

Hoping for some force to forestall my parting,

A call that does not come?

Ahead, the road is grey and shrouded in mist

And this car is devoid of warmth.


October 12, 2021

October 11, 2021

October 5, 2012


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Poem of the Day 3/17/21- Something Like an Irish Verse

Your laugh, lilting like lines

Flung from a fiddle fair,

Sweeping sweetly o’er the shaded field

Where once we were young

Now echoes only in my mind,

In memories, clouded-

A Pine forest in the morning mist,

A bridge fogged over

Until there can be no certainty

That there is another side-

Only in this hollow palce

Does that joyful sound

Now ring, now roll, now rise.

And how I long to hear it once again

Ripple across the deep blue ocean of your eyes.

Poem of the Day 3/3/21

I want to be-

As Ginsberg described Dylan-

Transformed into a column of air,

No longer substantial, but only movement.

Then I could rage down 9th Street,

The way the winds once did on cold winter mornings,

Forcing us to pull up our coats up against that fury

And roll our cigarettes inside sheltered pockets.

I could sweep coolly over Cooper Square,

Tumbling, the way we once did,

Drunk with youth and whisky,

Racing to wherever it is that spring breezes go.

I could be some weary sailor’s salvation then.

I could be the song not the singer then.

I could be only the whisper, soft against your ear.

If I were transformed to a column of air.