Poem of the Day 5/26/20- A Dream of the Ocean

I had a dream about the ocean,

Laying calm in the morning light

As I stood above it

On the cliffs in Southhampton.

The morning sun raked the rolling tide

And speckled that immense blue with white.

A soft breeze touched my face

And I felt certain that I could fly.

And so I flew from that clift,

Down to the water below,

And sat down on the crest of a tiny wave,

Now a seabird, taking respite from my flight.

With that gull’s eyes, I could see all that surrounded me at once

And I looked back on the sandy cliffs

And out across the endless blue to the horizon.

The horizon called out to me,

“Come and see your ocean’s great infinity!”

But I could not answer back more than a caw

And I knew that I would not range too far

From the still and silent shore.

I woke up then,

Feeling as if I had swallowed sand.

I filled a glass from the faucet

And drank down cool water

As my dream faded from my mind.


Poem of the Day 3/27/20 – Distance

The space between us grows
As if we are all drift,
Set alone on our on rafts
Carried apart by different winds and different tides.
Now only the ocean and the sky can be seen-
Blue and empty.
And fear the ocean for its emptiness
And fear drifting too close.
In the sky above, the sun shines
And a flock of geese flies-
Set in a V,
Against the wind
Disappearing into the distance.

Poem of the Day #9- 6/27/17

A waxing crescent-
The Moon- pale orange glistens
above the dark water

where our crab traps sink
beneath the surface, down, down
under the surface

just to be hauled
back up again, dredging up
passengers from another world

A place removed;
that knows little of the light
of that slim crescent

But is still pulled and pushed
by that distant orb, its phases
the rhythm of that life