Poem of the Day 3/17/21- Something Like an Irish Verse

Your laugh, lilting like lines

Flung from a fiddle fair,

Sweeping sweetly o’er the shaded field

Where once we were young

Now echoes only in my mind,

In memories, clouded-

A Pine forest in the morning mist,

A bridge fogged over

Until there can be no certainty

That there is another side-

Only in this hollow palce

Does that joyful sound

Now ring, now roll, now rise.

And how I long to hear it once again

Ripple across the deep blue ocean of your eyes.


Poem of the Day 1/26/21

Against the fog

The stanchions of the bridge

Stand solitary, alone

Rising from the void

Of hazy white

As if someone has just painted them there

And left the canvas uncluttered

With any notion of a destination ahead

That we might journey into the yet unimagined


January 22, 2021
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