Poem of the Day 8/3/20

Could there be a lonelier place

Than the pitching mound

In an empty stadium

As a home run ball rattles around

The vacant outfield seats?

Poem of the Day 4/1/20

Now the sun shines through my window

And the morning breezes blow.

On the weeping willow tree

Small white flowers now grow.

But the air still holds a chill

And the streets are laying still

No one’s walking up to my door

And I wonder if they ever will.

These empty streets are crying

For the ones who once traveled through

And I watch them and I wait for

This world to wake up anew.


Poem of the Day 3/27/20 – Distance

The space between us grows
As if we are all drift,
Set alone on our on rafts
Carried apart by different winds and different tides.
Now only the ocean and the sky can be seen-
Blue and empty.
And fear the ocean for its emptiness
And fear drifting too close.
In the sky above, the sun shines
And a flock of geese flies-
Set in a V,
Against the wind
Disappearing into the distance.