Scripts and Stories

On this page, you will find screenplays, plays and stories I have written. Check back here regularly as I will be adding new works as often as possible. All of the work presented here are original and the author reserves all rights to these works.

Short Story: Max the Ronin

Copyright, E.H. Decker 2018, All rights reserved

Download the Original Television Pilot- The Barnstormers-pilot, Series Bible- The Barnstormers- Series bible

Summary: Under the direction of baseball outcast Wild Bill Lee and his shadowy backers, a team of the best black and Hispanic ballplayers in the country makes its way past gangsters, Jim Crow, and the Klan to bring the game to the post-depression America of the late 1930’s. In the series pilot, Wild Bill is forced to improvise after an exhibition game against major league players is disrupted by the Klan. He hustles up another game for the club against a small-town team, but angry locals, his employer’s shady dealings, and his own schemes leave little room for error, on the field or off it

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Copyright, E.H. Decker 2015, All rights reserved

Download the Original Short Play- Even Vampires Get the Blues

Winner: 2012 Players’ Theater Short Play Festival, Audience Choice 

Summary: Living forever isn’t easy, especially when it means spending eternity as a high school outcast.  

Copyright, E.H. Decker 2012, All rights reserved