Poem of the Day 6/1/20- Protest Songs

Billie's singing "Strange Fruit"
Louie's blowing on "Black and Blue"
Chuck is spitting out "Fight the Power"
All crying out for you.
But you can't hear their songs
No drums beat, no trumpets play,
So we will light the air on fire,
Because they wouldn't let you breathe it anyway.

Let those who do not weep cower in their bunkers,
Let them grow to fear the sound
Bob is still singing his Songs of Freedom
And seeing you, your face pressed into the ground. 

I won't sing no songs now.
I can't breathe

Maybe it isn't songs we need now.
I can't breathe 
and I can't play.

We have heard all the elegant words.
I can't breathe
So there is nothing I can say.

Let's light the air on fire
I can't breathe
it anyway


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