Poem of the Day 5/26/20- A Dream of the Ocean

I had a dream about the ocean,

Laying calm in the morning light

As I stood above it

On the cliffs in Southhampton.

The morning sun raked the rolling tide

And speckled that immense blue with white.

A soft breeze touched my face

And I felt certain that I could fly.

And so I flew from that clift,

Down to the water below,

And sat down on the crest of a tiny wave,

Now a seabird, taking respite from my flight.

With that gull’s eyes, I could see all that surrounded me at once

And I looked back on the sandy cliffs

And out across the endless blue to the horizon.

The horizon called out to me,

“Come and see your ocean’s great infinity!”

But I could not answer back more than a caw

And I knew that I would not range too far

From the still and silent shore.

I woke up then,

Feeling as if I had swallowed sand.

I filled a glass from the faucet

And drank down cool water

As my dream faded from my mind.


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