Diary of a Bad Guitar Player- The Guitar 30 Challenge, Week 3

Week 3

Weeks 3 was very good from a practice standpoint. The sessions went quickly and orderly and I really feel like I am getting some of the results I was hoping for. I see the notes better on the guitar neck and I am able to move around much easier. This week was focused on the mixolydian mode and the diminished half-whole scale. Both scales fell under my fingers easily and I was able to push tempos up some when practicing without feeling like I was just running through the patterns mindlessly.

Day 1: C & G: It is nice to be back on familiar ground with the mixolydian scale and I breezed through those at a higher tempo than usual. The Half/Whole Diminished scale is a little bit of a challenge but the pattern falls under my fingers easier than the minor scales did (or maybe I’m getting better at this?). I like the diminished scale for adding some new sounds into blues (per Lee Anderson’s suggestion on the Play Guitar Podcastnot long ago) and I’m using some blues backing tracks for the improv part of practice, mixing the Mixo and Dim patterns as best I can.

Day 2: D & A & E: I’m finding that I easily confuse the Mixolydian positions with the root key’s major scale modes so this is good practice at both hearing and playing the differences. The diminished scale is coming along nicely and feels like it will be easy enough to add into my vocabulary. I hit up three keys today to get back on track and still kept to a tight 30 minutes.

Days 3-6: These days of steady practice all bleed into each other now and there isn’t much that distinguishes one day from the next. The mixolydian scale, being one of the major scale modes, doesn’t present too much of a challenge except that I frequently mix up the major scale form from the key with the mixolydian form, especially in the 2nd and 6th positions. The diminished scale is more of a challenge but it is not nearly as difficult as the harmonic minor was and I find I am even beginning to be able to move from one position to another without much struggle. I’ll plan a review day for Saturday to go over all the scales and modes in a couple of keys since I can feel things like the harmonic minor scale slipping away from me already.

Day 7: I decided again to spend the final day dedicated to mixolydian and diminished sounds playing with creating a loop and playing over it using these scales. This experience seems to be as demanding as simply practicing, but in entirely different ways. The drum beats- created via Fruity Loops- are never so simple that I can easily lock into their rhythm and playing the backing track takes as much time, or even more than playing the solos. I’m never really entirely happy with them either. Improvising over the loop I created this week was particularly hard, not only because the diminished scale is a “out-there” kind of sound that is a challenge to use, but also because this exercise really demands creating solos that feels like it fits the music behind it or even completes it. I am learning that I need to keep better track of where I am in the music as I solo and that my solos need to be more like complete ideas, a story instead of a group of random phrases. I don’t think I succeed at all with this week’s attempt, but the challenge of these quick recordings is definitely helping my playing. I am not sure that it helped that I started the day today by listening to Coltrane’s Stardust and McCoy Tyner’s Sahara, both of which were inspirational. Inspiration is all well and good but without any skills to back it up, it can go very wrong.

Here is the result which almost resembles music.

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