Poem of the Day 1/6/20

Like Miles (almost, maybe) said,
“Don’t play the Butter Notes!”
Play the But her Toes!,
Play the Hubbert Tones,
Play Stutter Foes,
Play the Muttered Throws,
Play Rudder Woes,
Play Rubber Soul,
But don’t play the Butter Notes.
Play one long single note and leave stage-
We paid to watch you think.
We paid for everything you don’t play-
The bond between electrons,
The truth in a con,
The source of the Amazon.
All the notes you don’t play-
Purified to a Ghee-Thing, baby
Frank’s Olive Oil voice
Cooking up Scapple from the Apple
Or Chitlins Con Carne-
The hog fat, the Pigfoot, the Yardbird, the bitter greens-
but never the Butter Notes


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