Poem of the Day 7/26/19- The Film Scout

The Film Scout


Can you see this place,

Not as it is, but

Refracted through fine cut

Compressed down through diodes,

rendered to binary.?

Can you see it as it will be?

When the world is re-made in light and sound,

In hard-wrought words, well-rehearsed,

Spoken by idols and icons?

What will it be then?

What will it be in another world-

Not this infinite one,

A world with edges,

A world that does not contain all there is,

a world without the eyes of mice,

Without penguin dust or anvils in Petrograd,

A World with only purpose and significance-

Where it cannot be merely a street,

Where it is THE STREET?

Can you see it as it will be then?

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